Australian woman in Rishikesh



Rishikesh is a beautiful place. It’s cold. And it has a river flowing through it. People from all over the world come here to learn yoga. There are probably more foreigners & sadhus than locals, everybody busy with their own things.

I have been to Rishikesh twice. I went there with hope to lay some pretty foreigner girl. Not for river rafting. Not to learn yoga. Not for the temples.

Yup! That’s me. I am hopelessly untouched by any spiritual inclination, still marinating in materialistic mediocrity. The only time when I wish to explore my true self is when I am with a girl, naked; when I put her mouth to bodyparts I didn’t know were connected to my brain’s pleasure receptors.

Earlier I visited with a friend. That time I had successfully seduced a very innocent Israeli girl. I spotted her on the street when I was coming out of a restaurant after breakfast. She was thin, wearing loose cloths, hair pulled back and tied in a bun. I stopped her on the street and asked directions for a renowned café. She was skeptical at first because the local people are infamous for enticing them to buy articles. But after a few seconds she saw that I didn’t have anything to sell & that through my language I didn’t sound like a crook. She said that the café is in the same way towards her lodge where she was returning to. She gave me the directions & started to walk. I started walking beside her and stroke up a conversation about yoga. When the cafe came, I asked her to come over to have some coffee & she agreed. It was flowing quite naturally because yoga was her favorite subject and she could talk day and night over it. She had some coffee, the conversation became more personal. We walked back to her lodge & when we were there I asked her to show me her room. She was reluctant for a second & said no but when I said that it’d be impolite to deny a request from a helpless homeless fellow, she cracked up and agreed. But when both of us were entering her room, the lodge manager raised objection. He simply denied my entry in her room. We both looked at each other & bid farewell. Now when I regress, I think about all the things I could have done to appease the manager. That trip remained a regret. But then a year later, I decided to go back one more time, and this time I got what I came for. I fucked an Aussie chick at the banks of the great river Ganges at midnight.



It all happened a year after my first visit. I decided to go one more time but this time alone. I reached the nearest local roadways bus stand & took the first bus going there. 10 hours of rigorous journey and I step foot on the Devbhoomi. A foggy dawn welcomes me. I tried to breath in all the crisp air, I wanted to fill my lungs with the mountains. The first thing I did, lit up a cigarette. Then I went around to look for a room.

I found a room, quite a bargain actually, But I couldn’t stand up straight in there & it smelled of stale water. A bed was there, and I had to shake off the weariness of travel so I passed out for a couple of hour until it was noon. Then I went out in the noon, did a bit of river rafting, visited a couple of temples (even though I am atheist) and then started roaming in the markets. There I met her.


So I was roaming in the market, a lot of white people going past me. One white woman passes by, I open my mouth but no words come out. Another white woman passes by, I open my mouth, she looks at me for a second and then walks on. Third white woman passes by, I say hi, she is scared and walks even faster.

Okay so I was dejected by then. I started feeling like a creep. Probably the worst day of my life. I bought some fresh baked cookies from the street vendor and started eating. Sugar makes you high and I could do anything to change my sad state. As I was eating, there she came, wrapped in red, blonde hair and brown eyes, the white lady who’d ruin me for other women. She stood next to me and bought some cookies for herself and walked away. She was so gorgeous that I thought she was totally out of my league. And I had been facing rejections also.

But I decided to act regardless.

I stuffed the last cookie in my mouth, started chewing vigorously and walked towards her. I was walking right behind her. I tapped her on the shoulder (not a great move, I have seen that it scares women). She turned around, saw me staring at her, with mouth full of crumbs (I thought by the time I could finish it). She had a question in her eyes & her body was still turned to the other side. I knew that if I didn’t say something fast, she’d walk away.


“Fhii” I muttered through the crushed cookies in my mouth. It was supposed to sound as Hi as normal people do. A few crumbs fell out of my mouth. To my surprise, this made her smile.

“whoa is it abaut?” she asked me. I swear I would have breathed in her breath for life.

“ Do you know some good ashram to learn yoga here. I am kinda new”

“ so you wanna learn yougah?” I saw it in her eyes that she knew I was lying.

“ umm not really, I just think you are pretty” I said looking in her eyes.

“I donn really got time for this ba if you wann learn yougah you can try it in our ashraam”

“ oh well lets walk upto your ashram then” I said and started walking with her.


As we were walking, I started sharing my funny stories with her. At first she was very uptight and guarded, but slowly she loosened up a little. She told me that she was from Australia & had come to India two years ago and fell in love with it ever since. Her spiritual journey began a year ago and now she is more inclines towards tantric yoga. In order to sexualize our conversation, I asked her if it was true that through tantric sex one can have mind blowing orgasms. She just looked at me & smiled.

We came to her ashram’s accommodation and I asked if I could come in. She denied straight to my face and said that men are strictly not allowed in the women accommodation. Honestly, I have had enough of her bullshit. She was pretty, agreed, but not so pretty as to walk all over me for no apparent reason. I turned around to go. But just after walking few steps, I heard her calling my name. I turned around and saw her beckoning to me. I beckoned her to come over to me. I was not going to let her mash my manliness anymore. To my surprise, she came up to me and apologized. She said that she was mean to me because most Indians consider white women too easy. It was just a false bravado to keep loverboys away. I was quite pleased by her gesture and asked if I could come in. She laughed and said no. But she agreed to have a post-dinner tea with me in the evening. We decided to meet at a small but very popular restaurant near the riverbank. And the things that happened after the tea would remain as memory with me till I die.



As planned, we met at the restaurant and ordered some tea in disposable cups, took the tea and started walking near the river bank. When the tea got over, we lit up cigarettes, and then bought some tea again. I was sharing all kinds of stories with her and she was telling me about all the parts of the world she had visited. She was 6 years elder to me, but she didnt know. We were on some sort of emotional rollercoaster. We laughed at some funny shit & then became sad recalling some distressing memory. We started throwing pebbles in the water and it soon turned into a competition. Let’s see who throws farther. She swung her arm in such athletic pose that I would sometimes just observe the curve of her back for sometime. She caught me staring a couple of times but said nothing. There was just a smirk on her face. I also looked pretty shamelessly at her, to which she would fling a pebble at me. And off we went, flinging pebbles at each other. During all this, she’d whine about getting late and that after 9 pm, she’d not be allowed inside the ashram. Now my main objective was to engage her just a bit later than 9 pm. Every time she asked me the time, I’d tell her it was still one hour to 9. Soon it was past 9 & I started walking relaxed. I knew she had nowhere to go now. She noticed that and snatched my wrist to look at the time and punched me in the shoulder so hard, I thought I’d lose that arm.

“come here let me show you something” She took my hand and started walking. We walked for about half an hour along the banks until it was just the two of us alone. And the mighty river. It was dark. She looked around & led me behind a huge rock. Before I could understand, she got down on her knees, looking up at me, unbuttoned my pants & pulled them down to my ankles. I don’t wear underwear so there was nothing elase to remove. It was dark, cold wind blowing & her mouth was sucking on the my balls, with one hand stroking the penis and the other gently tingling the perineum (area between balls and anus). During all this, she never stopped looking in my eyes (I absolutely love when they do it). Her goddamned brown eyes. I was ready to bust.

“You were asking about tantric sex, weren’t you!” She said. I nodded.

Suddenly she swallowed the whole dick in her throat and started kind of gargling ( or actually contracting & relaxing the throat muscle rapidly ). It was something I had never experienced before. I came within seconds.

After sitting together for some time and recharging myself, we went straight for sex. It was very uncomfortable because we couldn’t maneuver in many positions because the bare ground underneath was very uncomfortable. But since I don’t last long, it was quick. We did two more deepthroat sessions where I asked her the basics of how she does what she does. She was generous enough to give me few broad strokes (which now I usually teach & pass on to my women).


After an hour or so, she left. It was about 11 pm. I asked her how she’d get inside the accommodation. She smiled & told me she’d manage. She requested to never meet or recognize her again. She said she was opening an ashram of her own & she’d be teaching yoga to her pupils but I am not allowed to attend.

I watched her go. Then I sat there looking at the river, flowing freely.


I boarded a bus in the midnight & left Rishikesh.







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